Those Eldrazi! They have caused quite the stir in Modern since the Pro Tour but I’m more interested in them in EDH….

I am really not into football. I used to enjoy a nice jolly game of football when I was younger though those days have long gone. In fact I call anything mildly athletic the loving term “Sportball”. At work for some reason people love talking about football. It always goes over my head, it all sounds the same to me, sometimes I’ll just join in for a laugh, I’m pretty good now at sounding like a football aficionado.

Did you see <insert player name>? He had a real presence on the field. Up and down the pitch like a Yo Yo. I’m glad <insert football club> signed him, he is a real team player. Before they just had a side of show offs now they have real cohesion in their play.

“So I mulled down to 2 and still beat you. GG. Oh wait wrong game.”

Confession, I’ve never even been to a football game or sat down down at the pub and watched a full match. It has just never appealed to me. How can people get so excited by watching a game on screen?

Segue to Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch.

I had the Hawks round for drinking, watching the Pro Tour, EDH and drinking.

Dat Pro Tour.

It was the most exciting Magic I’ve watched. LSV’s Gut Shot against Frank Lapore for Day 3 Qualification. Paul Cheon’s top deck Galvanic Blast when he was staring down lethal. Patrick Dickmann crushing in the Quarterfinals…

We were shouting at the coverage like maniacs. There were chants. I felt the pain when people mulliganed. I got that surge of excitement at seeing sweet plays. Just like Sportball!

MTG was coming home. It’s coming home it’s coming…

So in between the drinking and the Pro Tour and the drinking. We played a sweet variant of EDH which I’m lovingly calling ATTACK ON ZENDIKAR!

I initially had the idea when the amazing Kozilek artwork was spoiled. I knew I had to build he/she/it as a General. It made me want to crush Zendikar, see it driven before me and hear the lamentations of it’s women….

Just call me Arnold Schwarzenweaver

How best to create this in a game of EDH? I thought the damn same thing! I wanted an epic stand. Where heroes stave of hordes enemies, valiantly sacrificing themselves to buy their friends more time….

So I thought we should try a variant of Archnemesis and Horde Magic. But instead of those whack ass scheme cards it would be Team Titan, Ulamog and Kozilek,  against one lone hero.

As Team Zendikar – the defender, you will take on Kozilek and Ulamog with the goal of lasting as many turns as possible allowing the army at Sea Gate to mount their defense….

The goal of the Titans?

Obliterate everything before you.

Sounds good? Let’s play.

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2 Eldrazi EDH Decks led by Ulamog and Kozilek.

1 Defender EDH Deck led by your trusty General.

Dice for Life Keeping.

A Table for Game Playing.

Friends for Bantering.

Alcohol for Drinking.


Team Zendikar: Last as many turns as possible / Get Team Titan to as low a life as possible.

Team Titan: Crush Team Zendikar as soon as you can.


The game is 2 vs 1, using the 2HG rules.

Team Zendikar plays first and draws.

Each Team starts with 30 Life.

Team Titan can only play Kozilek if Ulamog has been on the battlefield.

No infinite combos allowed in any decks.

General Damage does not apply.

Try and keep the decks as flavourful as possible (ie-no Ugins in the Eldrazi deck etc).


How can you stand against such overwhelming odds? Truth is you can’t. You can however secure your place in Valhalla with the following feats of glory…..


Trophy HunterDestroy at least 8 different types of Eldrazi Creatures.

Call the Gatewatch Control at least 2 planewalkers at the beginning of your turn.

“You. Poet. Be sure to write this down.”Destroy /Exile a Titan.

Master TacticianDestroy / Exile both Titans in One Turn.

Raiders of the Lost Arc Destroy an Eldrazi Temple.

Bye! of UginDestroy an Eye of Ugin.

Inspired Charge Deal more than 13 points of combat damage to the opponent.

For the Glory!Deal combat damage to a player with your General.

Noble SacrificeTrade with at least 3 blockers to an attacker.

Mighty WarriorLast 10 of your Turns.

Heroic Stand Last 13 of your Turns.

The Stuff of LegendsLast 15 of your Turns.

Champion of ZendikarDefeat Team Titan.


Foolish Mortals! How can they stand before us? Spread more fear amongst the defenders with the following…..

Witness the EndCast both Titans on the same Turn.

Gruesome SlaughterAttack with more than 40 power.

The Ceaseless HungerMill an opponent out with Ulamog.

The Infinite Gyre  – Cast Ulamog 3 times.

The Great DistortionCounter 3 spells with Kozilek’s ability.

Kozilek’s ReturnCast Kozilek 3 times.

All is DustKill the opponent when they have no creatures in play.

Skittering InvasionControl at least 10 Eldrazi Spawn between you at the start of your turn.

Scion SummonerControl at least 7 Eldrazi Scions between you at the start of your turn.


I’m not a fan of copying EDH deck lists so I won’t post any here. Get creative with what you have in your collection. For the Titans, Craig and I have just used colourless cards, if you want to build with colours just have a chat with your play group if their Kool and the Gang with it.

Try the games out using Ayli and Kalitas against 1 Defender. Which Zendikar Legend makes for the best defender?

Once you’ve done crushing defenders/staving off alien menaces grab another friend and play some proper 2HG games.

Are you defending Sea Gate? What about the final battle to defeat the Eldrazi? An Emperor game with all the Eldrazi Titans?

See where the flavour takes you and have fun.

Much love.


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  1. Which Kozilek card? Because I’m guessing it’s Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, but I can’t see anything to suggest which Kozilek to use. If there isn’t a specific one, which would you recommend?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment pal. I personally use New Kozilek. The counter ability is sick! Also makes for some great plays and you can maybe get more acheivements. Old Kozilek is an absolute house though. Let us know how to you get on and any new achievements you can think of.



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