The events that are detailed below took place in the lovely Somerset town of Taunton for the Race to Platinum Series run by 5isthenew7.

Around 40 magic players turned up for exciting games of Modern though among them were a couple of mavericks….

What a Sunday.

I’m really a night person though even I had to concede it was actually a rather beautiful morning. The sun was shining, there was that fresh crisp breeze in the air and a tranquil serenity that you get when it is just you and the world.

Sadly I had a slight hangover.

I had spent the previous day waking up early for an awful Saturday shift after a previous night out, only to roll round to fellow Hawk Andy “White Gold” Weeks’ house for a session of more drinking and board games.

Then I went out to meet my girlfriend and she gave me the ol’ Bee Sting all night. Bee Sting is a 7.5% Perry by the way not a weird sex move.

Not yet anyway.

I ended up meeting Andy far too early than is necessary on a Sunday. We waited around in DAVEthe glorious sunshine waiting for Dave ‘Screech’ Wilcox, only to find he went all Traitor of Ghet on us and bailed.

Tired, we boarded the Hogwarts Express all the way to Taunton. En route I failed to talk Andy out of playing Grixis Delver after he had just crushed me with it though I did manage to talk him into something equally sensible.

The conversation went along these lines.

Me: You know the venue is above a pub right? How about we get a round after each round (see what I did there).

Andy: I don’t know..

Me: I don’t know? I don’t know?!? I don’t know how to THANK YOU for such a great idea! Are you a fan of Jackie Chan’s work? We’ll be like Drunken Masters!



I’m working on a primer for the deck though here’s some quick highlights.

4 Etched Champions main. True Name Nemesis in Modern. The Terminator. Gives the deck inevitability and with Plating / Ravager becomes an unstoppable threat. Now Eldrazi winter has gone and Modern is a wide open format, it is time for Judgement Day.

3 Dispels. Dis-pel. This. Spell. Post Twin I never saw the need for Galvanic Blast Main deck anymore. I played it as it was the only real way to interact with Exarch and Pestermite.

Those days are long gone now.

I wholeheartedly feel the deck does not need it any more. We’re Robots. Time for upgrades.

The majority our creatures have evasion so we don’t need to worry about removing blockers. We have Plating, Ravager and Master of Etherium. I haven’t found racing to be a problem. 

Dispel means you can untap with Steel Overseer. Dispel means you can protect that Vault Skirge wearing a Cranial Plating. Dispel will do more damage than Galvanic Blast. They will never see it coming. They’ll be on the next train to Tilt Town. Population: your opponent.



Spell Pierce – deals with the majority of hate cards people bring in.

Gal Blast – I couldn’t quite let it go, I added it to the side for all forms of combo as well as heavy creature decks. I used to have Whipflare though found that you often had a small window to use it. I can bank on Gal Blast to kill a key piece and the flexibility to go to the dome gives you the reach you want in those matchups.

Aven Mindcensor – Scapeshift and Chord decks.

Lingering Souls – Jund, Infect and Donald Trump.

Round 1: Lewis McLeod – Grishoalbrand (2-1 win)

Lewis, as depicted here, is the ca$h money baller of Union County Games.

Lewis is a top lad and we had some great banter during this match, a judge had to come to ask him to tone it down.

Lads. Lads. Lads.

Game 1: Chipped away at his life total with a swarm of Vault Skirges and Signal Pests. He was on a mull and dug deep though couldn’t find enough combo pieces.

In: 3 x Spell Pierces and 3 x Gal Blast.

Out: 2 x Thoughtcasts, 2 x Etched Champions and 2 x overseers – cards are just too slow or don’t offer enough impact.

Game 2: This was a pretty long game  where I could’t quite put enough early pressure on to stop him cycling through his deck. I went in for an alpha strike and missed the kill because I did the maths wrong.

He untaps and makes it rain lands on me.

I blame the drink for missing that one.

Game 3: I mull to 5 and my first turn plays are Glimmervoid into Mox Opal. Squeaky bum time. Luckily he didnt have any artifact hate and I followed up with an Overseer then a Master. I attacked once with the Overseer then let the Master do the rest.

I guess 5isthenew7.

Andy 1
So remember that conversation me and Andy had on the train? We stuck to our word.

Yoshimitsu is Japanese for Michael.

Round 2: Michael – Elves (2:0 win)

Game 1: He made Elves. I made Robots. Vault Skirge and Nexus can fly however and when the airforce picked up a Cranial Plating it was time to drop bombs.

Out: 2 x Thoughtcast and 1 Steel overseer.

Shave a overseer as the game is unlikely to go on long. Elves is a combo deck.

In: 3 x Gal Blast.

Game 2: He chips in with Nettle Sentinel and starts building a board with Archdruid back up with a Revoker naming ravager. His ground pounders stop my 2 Ravagers but Signal Pests and Ornithopters start taking it home. He’s staring down lethal and goes for a Chord though I tell him to hold up as I’m giving him the D.

Dispel that it.

Andy 2
It still seemed like a good idea at the time…

Living End? More like LIFTING END.

Round 3: Malachi – Living End (1:2 loss)

One of the Union County Boys and probably the sexiest man I’ve seen play MTG. He was on Living End and I was pretty confident about the matchup.

Game 1: Maybe I was wrong about the matchup.

Out: 2 x Thoughtcast, 3 x Dispel

In: 2 x Gal Blast, 3 x Spell Pierce.

Speed up and counter sorcery cards.

Game 2: He keeps me off coloured mana with Fulminators. I start getting some pressure down and back it up with a Spell Pierce for the win.

Game 3: I had a nut draw of Signal Pest and 4 zero cast creatures. He had a Turn 2 Living End. From then on I was on the backfoot until he beat me.

Andy 3
Rum and Coke is tech.

Grixis often ash the effect of making you play topless.

Round 4: Adam Lane – Grixis Control – (2:0 win)

Game 1: This is a rough match up with all the removal though Dispel came to the rescue. I then got down a Etched Named Nemesis and named Adam Marshall Law Lane.

In: FOUR Lingering Souls. 1 x Spell Pierce.

Out: 2 x Master of Etherium, 3 x Steel Overseers.

Grind time, Master and Overseer die too easy.

Game 2: It was a WWE tag team match. Tasigur and Kalitas vs the jREc5Etched Champion Brothers. Kalitas almost had one of the brothers tapped out until the other picked up a Cranial Plating…….

Andy 6
It all started a bit fuzzy after this round.

Round 5: George – BTL Scapeshift – (2:1 – win)

Another one of the Union County Boys!

I hate Dispel.

Game 1: All I remember from this was looking at a board state and thinking “can I kill him with Ravager?” for far too long.

Out: 3 x Steel Oveerseer,  2 x Thoughtcast

In: 3 x Spell Pierce and 2 Gal Blast

Steel is too slow and they have enough removal making Thoughtcast awkward.

Game 2: Easy Street until he Shatterstorms and follows up with a Obstinate Baloth and then he Scapeshifts…

Game 3: Squeaky bum time again. 1 Land, 1 Springleaf Drum, 1 Cranial Plating, 1 Mox Opal, Dispel, Spell Pierce and a Memnite.

Let’s party.

Drop my hand Turn 1 and the countermagic takes care of 2 bolts. Memnite goes the distance!

Round 6: ID to the Top 8

On the gravy train.

Still the sexiest man in MTG.

Top 8 Quarter Finals: Malachi – Living End (2:0 – win)

Game 1: Ravager actually showed up this time though the game was still a grind until I squeezed out a win.

Game 2: Our hero fights valiantly on 2 lands though he can’t cycle fast enough to get to a cascade spell.

Malachi loved the rounds after rounds idea so we went to the bar for some team drinks…of Jaeger.

Next thing I knew we had bought 4 shots….each.

It was all getting a bit out of hand…

Top 8 Semi Finals:  Dan Williams – Abzan Company (2:0 – win)

I got it on the Low Low.

Dan was a great guy and he’s in love with the CoCo.

We had been wisecracking all day that we would meet in the finals, well this was good enough.

He was representing the Cardiff Firestorm Games lot pretty darn well by going undefeated in rounds and was the number one seed.

Game 1: Once again the Thopters and Skirge took the skies with double Cranial Plating back up. Dan started to run out of Bird blockers and even Linvala Keeper of Silence (sick tech) couldn’t stop the air force. A Dispel on a CoCo closed out the game.

Out: 2 x Thoughtcast and a 3 x Steel Overseer.

In: 3 x Gal Blast and 2 x Aven Mindcensors

Uh Stony Silence…

Game 2: Sadly he has to mull to 5 and the Robots start taking over. He goes for a Chord and again Dispel spells lights out.

I down 2 shots of Jaeger and stumble around for a bit.

Boss Fight: Dom Harvey – Dredge Combo – Gentlemanly Agreement.

The other 2 shots of Jaeger.

We split as Dom wants to go to the invitational and I wanted Boosters now. Also his Dredge Combo list can crush me. He proved it after the Jaeger shots.

Afterwards Alex (of Blue Moon fame), his mate Dan, Andy, Myself and our new friend Dan Williams went for a Nandos.

Yum Yum.

We were trying to think up forfeits all day for the player with the worst record in our team (Alex :)). We had some great suggestions from the players at the event and rest assured Alex is in for a horrendous fate (upcoming article).

Be sure to check out Union County Games  whilst their team can’t beat Affinity (trolololo), they have some of the best prices on cards in the UK.

Big shout out to 5isthenew7 for a great event. Check out the Taunton MTG Facebook page for more information on the next event.

Even bigger shout out to the Judges at the tournament for putting up with our rowdiness.

Biggest shout out to all the amazing people at competitors at the event.

Mates. Drinks. MTG. Piri Pri Chicken.

What a Sunday.



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